Connected with Social Media @KEMsocialmedia

Connected with Social Media

About Social Media for Business

Using social media extends a dynamic dimension to your website, which can complement an overall marketing strategy and help your small business be part of the bigger picture.

Social media adds a personal aspect to marketing for a small business. People can relate to who is behind the company, connecting through common interests which in turn drive more exposure for your brand in an indirect and subtle manner.

Opportunities to create dialogues with existing and new customers can help promotions and spreading the word through sharing and recommendations.

Combining the right mix of business personality with well researched relevant content adds human interest and attracts a network of fans and followers then eventually customers.

Location based channels, such as Google Places and Foursquare are essential for your business as now people can find you on their mobile devices and are able to book a room, or order a product in an instant!

Building up over time social media is a valuable asset to help small businesses increase awareness and generate more leads that could end up as loyal customers.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If your website is for selling, then Social Media is for conversations…

…A place to share information, keeping people updated with news and events, providing personal customer service and support. Images and Videos create stories that promote great experiences, connecting to people on an emotional level.

Communities created around your niche interests, subjects and activities can connect to each other developing into circles of opportunities to steer people to visit your website.

People discovering a service or product online has increased by 70% compared to the 30% increase by traditional advertising methods.

Expanding use of mobile devices being used to discover, plan and purchase is rapid so having a digital marketing campaign is an absolute must.

Social Media is a tool to research customers interests and gain insights into what subjects are of the most interest and relevance to your business. The insight tools are a vital source for customer data.

Connecting to other businesses and suppliers in your field using social media for research can make communications and keeping informed about your industry much easier.