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Choosing which Social Media Channels that would be most relevant for your business needs careful consideration.  Overviewing the Social Media Platforms first will help you make a careful choice.  Running them all could take up too much of your time and budget resources so selecting one or two at first will be more realistic.   Trying the channels out first as a testing ground first is a good idea to discover where your potential audiences / customers engage with mostly.  Research first then implement.


Why Google+

Google + Pages


Google + social network for Business


Google + social network for Business integrates with your entire Google account enabling customers to post reviews, G+ your content in multiple ways when they are searching online. A properly set up Google + presence will help with SEO and optimise your chances of being discovered.

Google Places and Google+ Local Pages work with location based marketing and the Google+ Business Page is where the social networking and community building happen by posting images, news, events, video and engaging in groups/communities that share interests.

In your dashboard of your Google account you can now see insights and analytics of how many people have interacted with your business.




Why Choose Facebook for Business Marketing

Why Choose Facebook for Business Marketing

Points about using facebook for business

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook is the largest social media channel that is very established and has a huge number of people that connect, share and keep updated with events, information and news. Reaching out to potential customers using interests that appeal to your Brand increases awareness and can promote your website, or shop / business.

Promoting a positive word of mouth is all about social media marketing and Facebook provides opportunities to be helpful and informative whilst customers are in the research stage of aspiring to purchase a new product or holiday.

Targeted advertising can be fine-tuned and the many Apps that can be used on Facebook, such as an opt-in for a news-letter, help your Business Page with added interest. Facebook also provides invaluable customer feedback!

Recent developments on Facebook (2016) is the shop section, where you can upload your products directly to a Facebook Shop, with links to the actual product page for purchases.


Advantages of using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business

Advantages of Pinterest for Business


Pinterest for Business

Pinterest, the virtual pin-board is a colourful, very visual channel to showcase products, places, art, craft, and many niche subjects that people can “pin” onto their boards that they create in their profile.

Creating inspiring content that is pinned onto carefully chosen board titles/subjects that relate to people through common interests to your brand is the Pinterest method.

Re-pinning is the way customers share their dreams and aspirations, with being able to follow others who love the same things. Brands can use “rich-pins” that indicate an article is for sale and a link to your website can be included so a purchase can be made pronto.

Rich Pins can be used to promote recipes, products, articles and more by adding particular metadata to the product webpage coding.