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E-Commerce Services

website shop management: social media insights: product photography: SEO/keyword research.

Website Shops can be just one product on a page or a multitude of items spanning across many categories and pages. There are options from having PayPal buttons on your product pages, having a shop department within your website, to using Amazon, Etsy or eBay to host a shop to sell your products online.

Some online shop providers charge a monthly subscription fee and deduct charges whilst having your own e-shop may just incur banking transaction charges.  These factors have to be costed into your product price with also calculating the postage and packaging costs.  Once you have settled how you are going to run your shop the product details must be prepared, such as a good product description, keywords, dimensions, and, of course, good images.

Taking good photographs for your products is essential to stand out and give a clear perception of the product to enable a speedy purchase.  A selection of images including various angles, product size in relation to scale in time and space, and close up details shots help clarify what the customer is to expect.  Some things like colours may be different on a screen to real-life, so make sure the colours on the digital image are a fairly good match.

Uploading the information to your own website or an e-commerce platform, such as Amazon, eBay, or Google shopping can take time and the information must be accurate. If you are new to these websites it can take patience navigating around the instructions when you are in time pressure.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are the digital way to advertise your product but have to be used in a “targeted” manner to be effective for the affordability of small enterprises.  The information derived from Google Analytics, Bing Analytics and social media channel insights are invaluable when planning how you are going to advertise your products or services online.

For Help@Hand with any e-commerce tasks, from product photos to data input, analysing statistics to looking at how people are finding and using your website, please call for a free initial consultation.  Arranging “things to do” using  byte-size time packages, working on your premises or remotely, a tailor made plan of action can be made within your allocated budget.