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Online Presence

Checking your online presence

Having an effective online presence involves making sure your branding is consistent across the digital sphere. The primary platform will be your website, so checking it is functioning properly will be the first check.

Before you make a social media strategy you must look at your overall online presence on the search engines, and online directories.  You may need to claim your Google and Bing Business listings. Directories, such as, may have you listed so checking the information about your business on these platforms is part of local SEO.

Step 1

Location-based channels are the first area to make sure your listings are correct, up to date with information such as “free Wi-Fi”, and fresh images.  These sites include:

  • Google My Business / Google Maps
  • Facebook places
  • Foursquare
  • Bing Maps
  • TripAdvisor, Yelp and other channels if they are relevant to your trade

Some entries for your business on Android Apps for mobile devices, such as Facebook Nearby Places and Google Local Places, may have been entered already by members of the public, they even may have reviews and images posted up.  These will have to be claimed as your business and edited and verified.

Step 2

Check your Google My Business profile and that the tools available for website insights are set up for you can monitor how customers use your website.  You will probably have a Google account with your website analytics in place configured by your web developers. Make sure all the necessary details for your business are correct and set up and integrate Adwords if you wish to advertise with Google.

Step 3

Profile Images for your Pages and Listings.

If you have company logos to use for the “profile image” make sure they are the correct specifications for the particular platforms. Choose images that represent your branding, making sure they are lively and of good quality to make the best impression for visitors.