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Social Media Strategy – an Introduction

An Introduction for Creating a Strategy

Digital Media Marketing complements an overall marketing strategy as an extension to your website combined with traditional print publicity campaigns.

Wheel of Social MediaPlanning out which social media channels are where your potential customers with their interests and “happenings” populate is valuable time spent at the preliminary stages, and in continuing evolving time scales.   Relevant knowledge areas that you can connect and contribute to is a way to network and source suppliers and new customers.   Fingers on the pulse, social media is a powerful resource of information and insights that add new dimensions to your business. A long term strategy worked out at the start will guide you and help you stick to a schedule.   Creating original content and digital media can take time but is well worth it. Information on the internet is lasting and archivable, unlike print advertising campaigns, which time out as things move on. Combining Print Media with Digital Media is for ultimate impact – It’s all about integration. FIND OUT MORE…

Things to consider when building a social media plan of action.

  • What are the products or services that need publicity? A visual style?
  • What are the interests and passions connected to the product?
  • What are the interests and skills of the people within the business?
  • Who are the people you want to aim at?
  • What could they be interested in?
  • Where are they located?

Knowing who you are and the people you are targeting will help formulate ideas for a social media strategy.

The key is to find the right mix of business personality and business objectives combined with a personal element to find the right “voice” that will attract genuine people to like and follow your social media, which will, in turn, created customers.

Timing – Seasonal, Long-term, Instant one-offs, Short Terms

Time scales can be factored in when creating a plan. Different subjects will have their own timings: e.g.
• Timing in with events building up to and during the event, which could be seasonal.
• Weekly updates for long-term on-going interests relevant to you Page.

Types of information for Social Media:

News       Research      Events       Interests     Lists(tips)     How to

Memes      Photos     Problem Solvers     A story       Videos

Consistency is key.

Results take time to build up, increasing retention of clients that value your brand or services.

The Digital Marketing Process

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Engagement
  • Conversations

Effective content can be created that is well researched, relevant to your company and customer profiles. To spread the word with social media the first step is getting a “Like” for your post. This is getting the first stages of interest. The next step up is getting a “Share” for your content. This means people are interested enough to want to share it with their connections. And so the message spreads.

Call to Actions – This is a term used to make clear what visitors should do when they read a post or visit a website.

  • If applicable remember is to be clever to incorporate a link back to your website/ blog or make it clear what you may want to happen when someone responds to you posts.
  • If you are selling a product, make it interesting for the customer to want to read or engage with your posts to want to find out more about your product / service.
  • Think up some ideas relevant to enable more interaction with visitors – like a special offer – and put a clear link to the product page on a website, phone number
  • Ask a question – to get a response
  • Create a dialogue in the comments sections – get people opinions.

Some companies are actively creating a LIST of emails for marketing purposes and ask you to sign up for a newsletter, download information sheets, prizes, offers so that a customer has to submit their email for future reference. (e-mail campaigns – but that is another subject).
Maybe these tactics can be included in your goals.