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Self hosted website design by K E M social media

Self hosted website design by K E M social media

  • Includes purchasing a domain name and hosting package in your name with your content copyright ownership.
  • Choosing the right Theme for your company and styling it to your requirements
  • Image editing or sourcing.
  • Adding contact and email facilities
  • Widgets to integrate Social Media, or Music
  • Arranging pages and menus
  • Starting a portfolio for you to add to over time.
  • Optimization for Google Searches and adding metadata.

Hosting the website in your name gives you total control.  The advantages are that you are be able to update and change your website whenever you wish and decide if you can do it yourself or contract out the tasks entailed in designing your content management system or portfolio. themes offer more tools to enable a professional look to your website, run a blog within the website with many other features for SEO, website design and e-commerce.

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